We create the image together: PAIN PONG Festival, National Gallery of Sopot, Poland

Jill Orr

1 - 12 Sep 2014

II Bipolar International Meeting of Women Performance Artists in Sopot,

PAIN PONG Festival, National Gallery of Sopot, Poland, 2014.

Curated by Arti Gabowski, Directed by Malgorzata Kazmierczak

This live performance, Trilogy, We create the image together, is a trilogy of performance images that are evocative of Pagan rites, that gradually bare the body with a haunting present that does not go away. We make the Image Together are the words that Reverend Desmond Tutu spoke recently in honour of Nelson Mandela’s life. Humanity creates images that are transmitted collectively influencing consequent actions that follow. Some actions are some positive some are negative, it depends on the perception of meaning. Both image and action, artist and audience are interdependent.

The images from a live work never really capture what transcends during a performance. In live performances I give priority to the audience.  This is very different for performances for the camera where there is no audience. Jerry Bartkowski, the official photographer, has captured these moments.

Photographer: Jerzy Bartkowski, PAIN PONG Festival, National Gallery in Sopot / Poland