2022 Wynne Prize: Finalist

Juan Ford

14 May - 28 Aug 2022

2022 Wynne Prize Finalist Exhibition 14 May – 28 August Art Gallery of New South Wales

Congratulations to Juan Ford who has been selected as a finalist for the 2022 Wynne Prize for his work ‘Bittersweet’.

“I regularly head out of town to immerse myself in nature and seek solace in it.

I’ve often reflected on what it means to represent landscape through art, and have concluded that being in nature bears little resemblance to seeing a painting of the same scene on a gallery wall. The two experiences are entirely dissimilar, yet, absurdly, are about the same thing.

I spilled paint onto the landscape, then repainted the result to illustrate this dissonance. Its analogous to the way we treat nature as if it’s something separate to us, when really we are products of natural processes. We can’t continue to trash, mine and pillage it without harming ourselves.”

Juan Ford, 2022