Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts

Valerie Sparks

2 Dec 2009 - 24 Jan 2010

This work is the second installment in a series entitled ‘This Weather’. I am interested in how digital photography can be used to create visual fields that include detail on multiple planes beyond our natural vision; sampling and combining different seasons, times of the day and habitats to create seamless yet impossible environments. Bringing together multiple locations and times to defy the rules of perspective and visual logic. These images are not available to us in the physical spaces we live in but perhaps reflect more closely our lived experience of the complex interconnections within global systems. The ‘this weather’ series focuses on the beauty, seductiveness and sense of danger of the sea and on the growing anxiety around erratic weather patterns that we are vulnerable to, often experienced most intensely at the water’s edge, the horizon disappearing as it is sucked up into the sky.