Lustre: Melbourne Art Fair

Marcel Cousins

30 Jul - 3 Aug 2008

Marcel Cousins is a conceptual engineer who re-tools elements from art history to make new propositions about art’s capacity to signify. In this suite of works he re-configures and transposes ideas derived from Pop Art, postmodernism and other iconographic and formal sources to generate new painterly and sculptural constructions. ………… Cousins treats artistic codes and conventions in a forensic manner and his examinations also involve the re-combination of material and formal components to fit new artistic formulas. The intellectual depths of Cousins’ art are characterised by determined conceptual transpositions that re-align art historical canons. He engineers art’s styles, genres, aesthetics, and iconologies to create unique arrangements and new conventions. His works multiply the range of art’s conceptual possibilities and therefore serve contemporary painting very well indeed.

Mark Pennings, 2008