First Nations Photography: Bendigo Art Gallery

Michael Cook

28 Oct 2023 - 4 Feb 2024

Bendigo Art Gallery Collection

This exhibition of selected works from the Bendigo Art Gallery collection brings contemporary First Nations photography into dialogue with historic photographic images. Together, the works offer an exploration of the history and legacy of photography in relation to First Nations people, and how contemporary Aboriginal artists are turning the tide on the medium in the pursuit of self-representation and truth-telling.

Photography has a history of working against First Nations people, too often used as a tool of dehumanising anthropological ‘study’ and colonial control.

The First Nations photographers featured in this exhibition are taking the power back through richly poetic photographic art produced with refined technical knowhow, illuminating histories and knowledge from across Australia.

Featured artists include Michael Cook (Bidjara), Peta Clancy (Bangerang), and Naomi Hobson (Kaantju, Umpila).