MECCA x MYER: The Many Faces of Mecca

Janelle Low

3 - 17 Sep 2018

Janelle Low was invited to collaborate with MECCA for their ‘The Many Faces of Mecca’ campaign. MECCA has an ongoing commitment to empowering women within the arts and as part of the campaign commissioned five local women artists to create installations for MYER’s Bourke Street windows.

While making A Delicate Kind of Strength Low was thinking about the simultaneously delicate but incredibly strong and durable qualities of porcelain and tying that into my thoughts around women’s strength and how it should not be underestimated no matter its perceived outward appearance. By utilising photography to amplify the ceramic pieces Low has brought two mediums together that deserve more respect within the arts – just like women do.

Installation photo courtesy of Ben Hattingh