Empty Garden: Nakanojo Biennale 2015, Japan

Juan Ford

12 Sep - 12 Oct 2015

The 2015 Nakanojo Biennale will take place in the Gunma Prefecture and include the work of 132 groups of artists and collaborators. Melbourne based-artist Juan Ford will join 19 artists from 6 countries in the Tomasz Wendland curated project Empty Garden as a key international program of the 2015 edition.

“Ford created a site-specific installation, ‘Flock Propagation’, which utilised tens of thousands of black bird silhouette stickers, attached to surfaces of a classroom in the abandoned Nakanojo Elementary School. He worked with the local Nakanojo community and biennale visitors to ‘built’ this installation, establishing a panoramic and seemingly endless landscape as each participant selected a bird and placed it onto a surface.”
-Sarah Bond, Juan Ford 2015 Nakanojo Biennale, Asialink catalogue