Novacastria at Newcastle Art Gallery

Jacqui Stockdale

10 May - 13 Jul 2014

Jacqui Stockdale´s work has been curated into Novocastria at Newcastle Art Gallery. The title for this exhibition refers to the Latin novo (new) castrium (fort of castle) and also references the many places known as Newcastle – approximately one hundred around the world and nineteen in the USA alone.

This exhibition focuses particularly upon Newcastle, New South Wales but not solely. Exploring the Indigenous origins of this region, our colonial history, our industrial past and contemporary interpretations of both the colonial and current day, the exhibition also moves into the territory of the fanciful and the imagined. A number of the works are interpretations or decorative inventions referencing Australia´s past and related to a broad geographic spread.

Featuring a number of recent acquisitions, the exhibition highlights the significant fact the Gallery contains the most important visual history of the Newcastle region in existence.

Jacqui´s award winning work Raama-Jaara, The Royal Sheperdess, which won the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize 2012 and is held in the Newcastle Art Gallery´s permanent collection is the postcard image for the show.

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