Obsession, Devil in the Detail: Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery 2018-19

Chris Bond, Juan Ford, Natasha Bieniek

30 Nov 2018 - 17 Feb 2019

Obsession: Devil in the detail examines our fascination with the meticulous and micro, the real and the hyperreal and brings together a range of historical and contemporary works under three broad themes of still life, portraiture and landscape. Featuring artworks that seduce us with the power of their realism and intricate detail, the devil in the detail becomes the ideas and concepts that exist beneath the surface.

From iconic American photorealist Audrey Flack’s stunning large scale paintings to Sam Jinks’ hauntingly beautiful hyperrealist sculpture.

Featuring work by local and international artists including Natasha Bieniek, Chris Bond, Erin Coates, Audrey Flack, Juan Ford, James Gleeson, Sam Jinks, Jess Johnson, Anna Kristensen, eX de Medici, Tully Moore, Callum Morton, Jan Nelson, Sandra Selig, Vipoo Srivilasa, Ricky Swallow, teamLab, Eugene von Guerard and more.

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery · Natasha Bieniek – Reviving miniature painting

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery · Chris Bond – fictional constructs