Other Worlds

Tony Lloyd

31 Aug - 1 Oct 2013

There may be other worlds, some right next to ours. We cannot see these other dimensions. Light can’t get through the barrier that separates this world from the others. Some say gravity flows through all dimensions and that we feel the pull of mass from realms that are invisible to us. Others say that space can be folded so that distant points could be a hair’s breadth away, just the other side of this plane. Places on opposite sides of the Earth, or even light years away in space could, from a different perspective, be seen side by side.

Perhaps there is a viewpoint, somewhere in the universe, from which all these convolutions of space can be seen; a Rosetta dimension that would reveal a wholly different ordering of space: a world where parallel lines intersect, where mirrors reflect other views, where mountains are suspended above us and the sky is beneath our feet – a view into an entirely other world.

Tony Lloyd, August 2013