Paper, stone and permutations

Izabela Pluta

11 - 30 Mar 2017

Paper, stone and permutations explores the materiality that is inherent in the objects and places that Pluta documents. These photographs offer a spatial and temporal narrative across a set of material investigations generated through a process of gleaning landscapes and forms which explore traces, inscriptions and erosions pertaining to measuring time via the medium of photography.

Pluta’s practice explores the connection between the philosophical terrain of place, nostalgia and diaspora, and the lure of her personal history (Polish/Australian) to make this enquiry, where she borrows from the practice of archeology to explore image agency and materiality. As a way of thinking about our experience as it is bound to memory and conflated by the passing of time and the span of geographic separation, the images and objects utilised in her art works Рphotographed or found Рare intended to appear that they are of a certain place, pertaining to something specific and significant Рyet the entire premise of their production and exhibition is to remind us that the very thing we seek to locate and recall is always out of reach..