Naked & Nude Art Prize 2023: Manning Regional Gallery

Petrina Hicks

2 Sep - 15 Oct 2023

Congratulations to Petrina Hicks who has been selected as a Finalist in The Naked & Nude Art Prize 2023, (previously the Manning Art Prize: Naked & Nude)

The biennial Naked & Nude Art Prize (previously the Manning Art Prize: Naked & Nude) began in 1990 with entries open to Australian artists. The Art Prize is a partnership between Friends of the Manning Regional Art Gallery and the Manning Regional Art Gallery. After 31 years, the Naked & Nude Art Prize has become a prestigious national event on the Australian Arts Calendar and is open to artists in a variety of media. For 2023, the Major Prize is $35,000 and the Val Good People’s Choice Prize is $2,000. The Friends acquire the Major Prize artwork and donate it to the Manning Regional Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

2023 Finalists:
Summer Aldis, Behzad Alipour, Daniel Butterworth, Matt Butterworth, Richard Byrnes, Kerry Cannon, Janet Clouston, Veronica Colvin, Philip Cooper, Robbie Crane, Jesse Dayan, Shawnee Dean, Jen Delirium, Christine Druitt-Preston, Mark Dubner, Sharon Duymel, Katherine Edney, Jo Ernst, Michael Gawler, Anna-Carien Goosen, James Guppy, Matthew Hall-Fong, Naomie Hatherley, Petrina Hicks, Nicola Higgins, Kaswyn Hunt, Julie Hutchings, Sue Jarvis, Katherine Jenkins, Linda Kruger, Zai Kuang, Yianni Maggacis, Sangeeta Mahajan, Deborah Marks, Abbey McCulloch, Ray Monde, Freyja Moon, Liam Nunan, Alice Palmer, Alice Pulvers, Matthew Quick , Robyn Rich, Gwen Roberts, Jenny Rodgerson, Bruce Rowland, Gregory Semu, Wendy Sharpe, Randall Sinnamon, Gary Smith, Peter Steggall, Jane-Frances Tannock, Alex Thorby, Seabastion Toast, David Tucker, Jim van Geet, Sally West, Angus White, Joe Whyte, Madeleine Winch, Ainslie Wright, Caroline Zilinsky.

“Naked & Nude refers to two things: firstly the great tradition of the Nude: a person who is bare with no covering or decoration. Secondly, a wider definition: something that is revealed, laid bare, unmasked or vulnerable”.

Manning Regional Art Gallery
2 September – 15 October 2023