Articulation – Language, Object, Space: Ipswich Art Gallery

Simon Degroot

1 Jun - 9 Aug 2024

Articulation: Language, Object, Space, curated by Caroline Austin and Roz de Waal
The exhibition explores intricate relationships between language at the intersection of art and design and its profound influence on cultural, social, and political dimensions in space and objects.
Using the three Greek concepts relating to ‘word’: ‘Logos’, the uttered word; ‘Graphe’, the written or codified word; and ‘Rhema’, the revelatory word artists and designers in this exhibition investigate these connections through painting, poetry, sculpture, furniture design, and lighting, creating a dialogue between the tangible and intangible, spoken, and silent, abstract, and concrete.
Participating artists and designers include Simon Degroot, Lincoln Austin, Alexander Lotersztain, Gibson Karlo, Jacqueline Kaytar, and Alex du Plessis, among others.
Ipswich Art Gallery
D’Arcy Doyle Place, Ipswich QLD