Selected Works: 2016 – 2019

Benjamin Aitken

1 - 31 Aug 2019

Benjamin Aitken’s multi-disciplinary practice includes painting, installation and text. Across these mediums Aitken references personal narratives, humour, art politics, historical events and his childhood. The work has the capacity to be playful and acerbic at the same time, incorporating traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques, sometimes resulting in a critique on art itself. Often veiled but sometimes confrontational, the work raises questions on aesthetic, art-political and social conventions. Aitken’s current body of work, spanning many materials and years, is often connected by alternative literature and prose poetry. Aitken prides himself in what he calls ‘group shows’ – bodies of work that could be seen to be created by a number of artists but are created by the artist himself, with subtle motifs and visual cues linking his practice together.