Drunken Swine – SLIPPAGE

Phuong Ngo

1 Jan 2018

Drunken Swine combines photographic and ceramic installation to unpack the relationship that the South Vietnamese community has with their colonial history. The work takes reference points from 19th and early 20th-century ethnographic photography to examine the history of Orientalist tropes that informed the French colonial image-making process and combines it with an exploration of displaced French culture exampled by the popularity of cognac within the global Vietnamese diaspora.

Drunken Swine utilises vernacular cultures, literature, language, and history to critique colonial layovers and the ongoing elitism that is still attached to the way in which French occupation is perceived within the Vietnamese diaspora. Through this exhibition Slippage aims to offer a point of difference to our communities, nudging our individual and collective identities towards a decolonial framework.

SLIPPAGE is the collaborative practice of artists Hwafern Quach and Phuong Ngo. SLIPPAGE examines the cycles of history in conjunction with current geopolitical and economic issues through the lens of vernacular cultures, artifacts and language.

Drunken Swine exhibited at:

Nostalgia For A Time That Never Was‘ The Substation, 2022

‘We will all eventually return to the earth’ Ballarat International Foto Biennale, 2022

‘Older Than Language’ Salamanca Art Centre┬áTAS 2020

‘Drunken Swine’ First Draft, NSW, 2019