Eight Days in Kamay: State Library of New South Wales

Michael Cook, Vincent Namatjira

19 May - 31 Jul 2020

See the full online exhibition here

Eight days in Kamay, featuring works by Michael Cook and Vincent Namatjira, has moved online. See the link above to view the exhibition in full.

On 29 April 1770, the Gweagal people of Kamay (Botany Bay) discovered James Cook and his crew as they sailed into the bay and came ashore. The eight days that followed changed the course of Australia’s history. 250 years later the events of those eight days and their continuing impact are still being debated, contested, felt.

What are the facts and what are the fictions? Why do they matter for Australians today?

‘Who was James Cook, and are we, 250 years after his landing, better served if we examine this legacy truthfully or if we maintain the myths?” — Arrernte writer and social commentator Celeste Liddle, 2020