Strange Archipelago

Jacqui Stockdale

12 May - 12 Jun 2010

In this glorious series of paintings and works on paper, Jacqui Stockdale continues her investigation of the objects we accumulate, probing their role as markers of our history and identity and as indicators of broader cultural concerns.

Stockdale often features objects collected on her travels in her work, assembling them into quirky still life compositions and unexpected arrangements. Through these constructed scenes Stockdale explores the intricacies of human relationships and the complexity of interactions. Ritual masks, talismans and other accoutrements used in carnivals and ceremonies are recurring motifs in her work, apt vehicles to explore cultural beliefs in the power and ’soul’ of inanimate objects, and their role in enriching the meaning of day-to-day life. At once assured and ambiguous, her created settings smudge paradigms of history, mortality and righteousness but always with compassionate humour.

‘Jacqui Stockdale has, in the past, been a wandering soul. Widely travelled, her practice explores intuitive logic and considers the innate presence of objects in her very personal cartography of associations that weave irreverently between history, folklore, indigenous cultures and the carnivalesque …… In her work she plays with this potential of meaning to linger in objects like masks that have been created with ritual or shamanistic intent.‘ (Alexie Glass, ‘Dolls of the Dead’ Australian Art Collector, Issue 45, 2008)