Abbey McCulloch

2 - 21 Dec 2017

Rather than paying heed to the idling murmurs of the mind, we can ignore our ever-increasing thought stream and find peace in listening to the body that has been there for us all along. It’s this discovery that compelled me to make work in a three-dimensional form. The works in Sugar capture the intensity of making that connection, they are about the sweetness of shutting the chatter out and finding a new source of contentment that starts with trusting something more corporeal.

The process of rolling of hundreds of clay coils and then constructing these forms that looked and felt completely like my drawings and paintings, took me by surprise. It was like being able to walk around and see the back of a drawing and feel it’s weight. I love how they make me feel and I love the impact that they have had on my process already.

– Abbey McCulloch, 2017.