Swan Hill Regional Gallery | Drawing the Labyrinth

Jacqui Stockdale

29 Jan - 28 Feb 2016

Jacqui Stockdale’s touring exhibition Drawing the Labyrinth comprises more than one hundred metres of drawings presented in a fold-out concertina sketchbook set out on tables and configured in the form of a labyrinth. This continuous length of drawings reflects Stockdale’s intimate journey over a twelve month period, variously depicting moments spent travelling across Europe, incorporating a diverse array of portraits such as friends, family members, self-portraits, anonymous people on trains, teenagers in their classrooms, a live band on stage, even a woman giving birth. Making these sketches Stockdale seeks a direct connection with her subject, often drawing people she has spontaneously approached and invited to sit for her. Her mark making is a free and fluid process – embracing chance and happenstance within the overall composition.

The exhibition will run from 29 February 2016 until 28 February 2016.