Symphonic Encounters

Britt Salt

12 May - 24 Jun 2012

Symphonic Encounters
Linden Centre for Contemporary Art
12 May 2012 – 24 June 2012

Curated by Rachael Watts & Melanie Flynn, Symphonic Encounters explores new installation work by six female Australian artists: Lauren Berkowitz, Helga Groves, Britt Salt, Mia Salsjo, Soo-Joo Yoo and Kate Tucker.

Symphonic Encounters is a group exhibition that will explore ideas of immersion, formalism, feminism and perception through the creation of encounters. Attention to materiality, spatiality and physical interaction via a range of media will result in the viewer playing an integral role to the activation of the art and architecture.

Responding to and engaging with the historically rich and idiosyncratic architecture of Linden, the site specific works by each of the artists will transform the space, leading to the building of six new environments, which will create visually and aurally rich experiences to heighten sensory perception. Bypassing the traditions of Cartesian perspectivalism – the act of the viewer outside looking in – the exhibition will involve the viewer with the artwork, instigating a physical interaction between objects, spaces and individuals.

Working primarily with ethereal or everyday materials, the exhibition will also question the notions of permanence. Works will transform and re-configure the exhibition spaces as well as the hallways, stairwells and windows. Works will employ notions of gathering, rhythm, repetition, ordering and frailty, altering our perspectives on how we view and experience the world around us.