The way we talk (about it): Brunswick Temporary

Ezz Monem

26 Nov - 17 Dec 2022


265 Lygon St | Brunswick

The way we talk (about it)

“I made the series during the long lockdowns in 2020/2021 when I was visiting the Melbourne General Cemetery very often, walking among the graves, contemplating the porcelain cameo portraits on the headstones. Over time, I began to document the grave portraits, sentimentally framed by the bouquets left by loved ones. Gradually, I intended to build a photographic archive of these commemorations—an archive of images of images that continues my interest in using the camera to transform found images into alternate archives.
The series is displayed on 35mm positive slides which rotate through a carousel slide projector creating a flickering archive that highlights the paradox of absence and presence made evident by the medium of the photograph: “Death is [its] eidos,” writes Roland Barthes.”

-Ezz Monem, 2022