Five Walls Projects: Threshold

Emma Coulter

5 - 27 Sep 2014

The phenomenological experience of space and spatial relationships are central to Coulter’s practice, executed through the manipulation of two dimensional and three dimensional surfaces. Employing colour, proportion and geometry, through painted form, Coulter constructs and deconstructs environments; altering perception, and challenging spatial relationships.

Seeking, shifting and transforming the limits of space, ‘threshold’, explores the transitory realm between built form, spatial practice and painting; inhabiting the space ‘in between’; a theoretical position between boundaries. Relationships are examined between painting and space; the tangible and the intangible; edges and limits; memory and subconscious; deconstruction and assembly; process and outcome, and phenomenology and the intuitive.

As Coulter explains, “Systems of logic are applied in the process of responding to space, and extending the perception of it beyond what physically exists. Embedded in the site specific work is the language of my practice. Predominantly I’m working with hard edge geometry and my hue and chroma choices are very deliberate. Working from a range of set colours that I have refined over time, the adjacency, proportion and placement of hues determines how the outcome of the work is perceived. The colour relationships exist in a metaphysical space, and emanate their own intangible sensibilities, in engaging in an altered experience of space.”

Text credit: Five Walls Projects and Emma Coulter