Palmer Art Projects: Trace Patterns

Emma Coulter

8 Feb - 4 Mar 2017

Emma Coulter’s body of work, TRACE PATTERNS exhibited at Palmer Art Projects operates in an expanded field between painting, sculpture and spatial practice, continuing and expanding her rigorous investigations into the use of ‘colour as idea’ through formations which work beyond the use of paint as a material and begin to explore the ephemerality of both coloured light and reflection as mediums.

Borrowing processes from architectural thought, Coulter’s practice utilises acts of painting to transform, construct and alter environments, objects and surfaces. At the centre of her work exists the use of colour as a language to define spatial outcomes. Simultaneously negotiating between the formal and the kitsch; the concrete and the ephemeral. Her aim is to challenge boundaries and make connections between the high and the low, history and currency, the intellectual and the ornamental.

Text Credit: Palmer Art Projects