unDisclosed – 2nd National Indigenous Art Triennial: National gallery of Australia

Michael Cook

1 May - 22 Jul 2012

From May to July 2012, the National Gallery celebrates the second National Indigenous Art Triennial, unDisclosed. Until July 22 visitors to the National Gallery will have the opportunity to experience the visual expression of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. 20 artists have been selected for their commitment to excellence and their daring to explore new fields of practice and artistic vision. These artists both inform and redefine contemporary Indigenous art as we presently know it.

The exhibition’s theme, ‘unDisclosed’, alludes to the spoken and the unspoken, the known and the unknown, what can be revealed and what cannot. It captures the duality of the disclosed and undisclosed embedded within the works and the exhibition as a whole. Viewers are invited to unearth the layers of hidden and subtle meanings and to place them alongside those that are conspicuous.

unDisclosed will be touring nationally in 2013, opening at the Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns QLD, on 22 February 2013 before travelling to South Australia to the Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, at the University of South Australian, Adelaide SA, opening on 3 May 2013.