UNSW Gallery: Material Place

Megan Cope

21 Jun - 7 Sep 2019

Soft soil between our toes and jagged rocks underfoot. Are they fossil fuel deposits ripe for exploitation or sacred Dreaming sites?

‘Material Place’ gathers artists who, whether in local ochres or on Google Earth, are thinking through the materiality of the Australian landscape and its representation. Abstraction is a strategy for some artists, while others delve into how it arises as a byproduct of the law or mapping. The intricate connection between places and peoples is a focus of reflection for many of the artists, some of whom chart First Nations’ intergenerational relationships to Country.

From land rights to environmental degradation, exhibiting artists also capture how the impact of mining and fracking reverberates beyond a single site. The intertwined political and economic forces that can reshape a place for generations to come is a shared point of entry to these artworks.

Megan Cope’s work Foundations II, 2016 will be shown alongside works by Robert Andrew, Tully Arnot, Brodie Ellis, Bonita Ely, Lu Forsberg, Gunybi Ganambarr, Dale Harding, Mabel Juli, Nicholas Mangan, Yukultji Napangati and Rachel O’Reilly.

Images courtesy of UNSW Galleries. Photography Zan Wimberley