Looking Glass – Yhonnie Scarce & Judy Watson: TarraWarra Museum of Art

Yhonnie Scarce

28 Nov 2020 - 28 Mar 2021

Looking Glass: Yhonnie Scarce and Judy Watson
TarraWarra Museum of Art

Yhonnie Scarce and Judy Watson share recent and personally painful histories of the destruction, exploitation and degradation of not only the land, but the people of the land. Essentially, this exhibition is about Australia’s secret and dirty war—a battle fought on many fronts from colonial massacres to Stolen Generations, from the Maralinga bomb tests to the climate emergency. In their works, the artists poignantly remind us how the pursuit of the Great Australian Dream is not what it seems. It is, in reality, a nightmare, a shimmering mirage, a candle in the coming storm.

Organised by IKON and TarraWarra Museum of Art with curator Hetti Perkins.

Documentation by Andrew Curtis