Metro Art Prize 2012: Winner

Natasha Bieniek

1 Nov - 23 Dec 2012

We are very proud to announce that Natasha Bieniek is the winner of the $50,000 Metro Art Prize 2012.

Her winning work measures only 10x15cm and the precise detail and disciplined technique was obviously a stand-out for the judges. While large-scale paintings are commonly seen in portrait prize exhibitions, this tiny work delivers its own type of impact.

“I wanted to take representational painting to an extreme and find a new way to engage with the audience on a more intimate level – so they feel as though they’re witnessing events through a key hole. In contemporary culture so much of the imagery we see is miniaturized, through iPhones and tablets, that I felt it was time to bring this ancient art into a modern context.” Natasha Bieniek

Now in its tenth year, the annual Metro Art Award is the richest art prize in Australia for emerging artists.