Experiments on Plant Hybridisation

The last show for the year, Experiments on Plant Hybridization, opens this Thursday 25 November. Curated by Drew Pettifer and Gillian Brown, the show features works by a mix of represented and new/emerging artists from Melbourne and interstate.

Join us 6 - 8 pm Thursday night for a few drinks and to see works by Juan Ford, Matthew Hunt, Andy Hutson, Andre Piguet, Helen Pynor, Hanna Tai, Claire Anna Watson, Kent Wilson and Tessa Zettel & Karl Khoe (Makeshift)

The exhibition takes its title from Gregor Mendel's 1865 treatise on his studies in plant genetics.  Following a more philosophical (and pseudoscientific) approach, the show takes as its starting point the concept that Mendel's experiments were born of a curiosity to explore the potential of nature, its ability to be harnessed and worked by mankind. The show aims to present a series of experiments into the relationship that exists between humans and nature, artists and environment.

Image: Kent Wilson, 2010