Melbourne City Public Art Commission

Izabela Pluta has been commissioned by Melbourne City Council to complete a major public art work. The two-part billboard work will be installed on the CitiPower Station, Little Bourke Street later this year. The site was the very first electric power generator in Melbourne and operated continuously between 1892 and 1982. "I have always been drawn to sites that, for me, invoke a longing for place, for example redundant urban landscapes and dilapidated or re-used buildings–sites that appear universal and drift between an actual place and a past place – the Citipower Substation is an example of this... In this work, I am interested in the nature of images to enable the observer to hypothesize the existence of a past and glimpse the possibility of a future: the site of the Citipower Substation is an industrial landmark, it exists in a pocket framed by new developments within the CBD, where the city remains in constant flux, developing and redeveloping itself. My interest here lies in the possibility of imagining an alternative place (optimism) and how it may materialise in the psyche of local people, travellers or migrants." Izabela Pluta