Juan Ford in Belgium

Juan Ford is part of Cosmopolitan Stranger, Hotel De Immigrantes - a satellite exhibition to Manifesta 9 - The European Biennial Belgium.

The recently opened exhibition is part of a series of projects and exhibitions that take place all over the world. The Hotel de Immigrantes project aims to bring artists from many corners of the world together to work in a local context and create unique projects.

Curated by Thomasz Wendland and Koen Vanmeschelen, each event will start with a meeting of international artists, (who will come to the venue as if they were actual immigrants) and will conclude with an exhibition. The artists will live together, share the space, share food and facilities, try to adopt to the local conditions, try to communicate and find a way to organize their new life by means of art.

The project will take place over 2012/2013 and will feature in New York, Hasselt, Singapore, Hannover, Bratislava, Montevideo, Fukushima and finally in Buenos Aires.

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Juan Ford's diving tower made from found materials, 2012, Hasselt Belgium