Juan Ford & Marian Drew AT Gippsland Gallery, Sale

Juan Ford, Marian Drew, Jo Bertini, Andrew Browne, Adam Cullen, Julia deVille,  Linde Ivimey, Anne Judell, Sam Leach, eX de Medici, V.R. Morrison, Ben Quilty, Kate Rhode, Ricky Swallow, Michael Zavros

10 November 2012 to 20 January 2013

The Rapture of Death is the experience of delight upon escaping grave danger, writes Prue Gibson. It offers the sweet knowledge that you are safe, at least for the moment, from the clutches of darkness. And it is a phrase which refers to the fear or apprehension of death, rather than the actual experience of dying.

Based on the book of the same name by Prue Gibson, The Rapture of Death features major works by some of Australia’s leading artists. Like the book, this unusual exhibition is a philosophical enquiry into the use of deathly imagery in contemporary art, and investigates why fear of death is an intrinsic part of life.

BASED ON THE BOOK: The Rapture of Death by Prue Gibson. Published by Boccalatte Pty Ltd.

OPENING: Friday 30 November 6.00pm. To be opened by Prue Gibson, Author, The Rapture of Death

The Rapture of Death - Catalogue