Ali Tahayori: Winner – Burwood Art Prize 2024

Congratulations to Ali Tahayori, selected as the winner of the 2024 Burwood Art Prize for his work 'Self Portrait (Inverted Pink Triangle)', 2023

The Burwood Art Prize invited artists across Sydney to engage, consider, and reflect upon one or more of the following themes: Visibility, Ritual, Legacy. Each theme can be examined and negotiated in a literal, abstract, formal and informal sense.
Artists were encouraged to see these themes as lenses through which their art can be perceived by different people in different ways. A portal and invitation for our audiences to explore broader ideas around identity, community, culture and personal experience. Artists are also invited to consider how each of these themes may connect or disconnect with their personal practice, experience, surroundings or environment.

Congratulations Ali!

Finalist exhibition runs 27 May - 23 June 2024