Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Owen Leong is participating in Mind the Gap one of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre’s most ambitious projects inviting five contemporary artists to work with Casula’s local model train group. The artists and the model train club have collaborated to build artworks that model trains will travel through. Model train layouts usually aim to replicate in intricate detail natural landscape and architecture as realistically as possible. The artists taking part have each coincidentally proposed fantastical worlds that are far removed from traditional model train scenery including an internal landscape of the body, a speculative future Utopia, a Baroque inspired dreamscape, a ghost train and a love train. This project merges two disparate communities and their creative worlds. One of the very few parameters for this project is that a working model train will travel through the work, allowing artists and railfans to share ideas and skills with spectacular and innovative results. Artists: Sarah crowEST, Emily Hunt, David Lawrey and Jaki Middleton, Owen Leong, Clare Thackway and Gregory Hodge.