The Shilo Project: Ian Potter Museum of Art

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Congratulation to Juan Ford (above image : Juan Ford A Glitch in the System (detail ) and Neil Haddon. They have been shortlisted for the Shilo Project curated by Dr Chris McAuliffe. Neil Diamond's 1970's iconic album features a connect the dots portrait and over 100 artists have been invited to particpate and make their own version to be exhibited from November 2009 til April 2010.

Juan Ford is also undertaking a Bundanon Residency in May 2010. The Bundanon Trust artist in residence program is now in its 10th year. It has established a reputation for providing a creative inspirational space for artists from all disciplines to focus on their practice. The program supports artists' new work, research and collaborations. Up to 200 artists a year participate in the residency and event program either through application or invitation. The program fosters artists and musicians in all stages of their careers, from emerging to professional, and is open to both national and international applicants.