Waverley Art Prize 2022: Finalists

Congratulations to Chris Bond and Jo Plank who have both been selected as finalists in the 2022 Waverley Art Prize.

Chris Bond was selected for his work 'Maldoror', 2021, Oil on linen, paper, 40 x 25 x 3 cm

I first picked up the controversial proto-surrealist novel Maldoror at the suggestion of a teacher more than twenty years ago. Reading it felt forbidden and potentially dangerous, and I remember feeling uncertain as to whether I should relish or be repulsed by its lurid and grotesque subject matter. Having recently returned to the novel, I can’t help but see a younger version of myself reflected in mirror, with a skin now cracked and stained, a tremulous hand cautiously lifting the lid of the coffin, equally appalled and attracted to the evil of the human condition.

-Chris Bond, 2022

Jo Plank was selected for her work 'I Don’t Need you I want you I choose you, 2021, Ink on Archival Paper, 79 x 59.5cm