Yhonnie Scarce ‘Art and Stories’ – Melbourne Writers Festival


Indigenous artists and storytellers have inspired each other for millennia in a rich cultural exchange that continues to this day. Hear from a panel of First Nations artists and authors gathered by First Nations Curator Ellen van Neerven as they discuss the creative peers and heroes who have influenced their work, and how the interplay of art and writing by First Nations creatives can reshape how we see ourselves as a nation.
This session highlights the influence and collaboration of poets and artists and the intersection between their chosen mediums. Poet Charmaine Papertalk Green, photo-media artist Dianne Jones, and glass artist Yhonnie Scarce appear in conversation with Jeanine Leane.
In partnership with Australian Poetry via the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund

State Library Village Roadshow Theatrette
328 Swanston St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000