Yhonnie Scarce: TarraWarra Museum of Art

Yhonnie Scarce has been commissioned by TarraWarra Museum of Art to create a powerful new work.  Hollowing Earth examines the issues related to the mining of Uranium on Aboriginal land. South Australia is home to over 25 underground and open cut mines, many of which are operating close to occupied areas. Scarce notes ‘Uranium glass has been used in this work to represent the sickness that this material inflicts on those who have been in contact with it. But also the illness that is left behind once the earth has been opened and its contents have been exposed. Each “bush banana” form identifies the desecration of country, gaping holes and scarred surfaces, all of which is the aftermath of the disrespectful behaviour that mining inflicts on the planet’.

Curated by Victoria Lynn, director of TarraWarra Museum of Art, this work is being presented as part of CLIMARTE’s ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 festival. It will be on show from 18 February to 14 May 2017.