IN THE GALLERY: Nulla Dies Sine Linea

Jo Plank

13 Apr - 6 May 2023

Nulla Dies Sine Linea continues Jo Plank’s meditations on life, love, and loss. Plank’s ritualistic and repetitious ink-on-paper works strip bare the artist’s inner-most thoughts, displaying her intimate stories in minute and precise detail, only revealing themselves on close inspection.
Nulla Dies Sine Linea is a Latin phrase meaning “no day without a line”. The phrase was originated by Pliny the Elder (Natural History, XXXV, 84), who applied the idea to the Greek painter Apelles, who did not go a day without drawing at least one line. Plank embodies Apelles, where her artistic output is ritualistic, meditative, and routine. A line at a time, Plank steadily refines her novellas, with each repetition reinforcing her sentiment. Although repeated, each occurrence is a unique echo.
In this new body of work, Plank reflects on new beginnings, familial love, and everyday moments of joy and sorrow. Presented on found and archival Japanese paper, her minimalist love letters to life are both personal and universal.

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